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The tamburitza section
This is the section, which gives very significant support to every ensemble, and with its quality most directly influences on the quality of whole ensemble. The Folklore ensemble of Brod regularly has about 25 tamburitza players, which according to their age, consistently serve as the musical support for dancing ensembles. Besides the musical support of dancing turns, tamburitza players exercise and carry out independent instrumental turns, and also they are the musical support to singing groups.
For exercising and carrying out of programs, the section has at disposal about fifty musical instruments, which are the property of Folklore ensemble of Brod. The trials are holding out three times per week - once with dancing ensembles, and two times separated on independent tamburitza trials. After active membership in the Folklore ensemble of Brod, tamburitza players usually found small tamburitza bands (5 to 7 members) and continue to independently deal with the music improving accomplishments in the Folklore ensemble of Brod.
The professional leader of Tamburitza section is Mr. Nikola Novosel.
Tamburaši 1
The tamburitza section
Tamburaši 2
The tamburitza section
Tamburaši 3
The tamburitza section
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The tamburitza section
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