Folklore Ensemble of Brod
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The representative dancing folk-ensemble
The representative ensemble includes members of secondary school and student age. This ensemble is the incumbent of majority programs and acts. They are preparing and drilling on the regular trainings two times per week along two hours for dancing, and along the one hour for singing.
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Ensemble programs are based primarily on Songs and dances of Brod and Posavina. The ensemble especially promotes the Slavonian stylish singing, dance and rich Slavonian national costume, and also music on traditional instruments of this region. Ms. Snježana Missoni has been choreographer for all choreographies from Brod and Posavina. Mr. Nikola Novosel and Mr. Mihael Ferić have arranged music to all choreographies. (more)   In the newer time Folklore ensemble of Brod becomes recognizable by adding the old-town's dances and song in the regular program, and this content can perform the all-evening concert. Old-town's dances, Croatian wheel dancing and Kör are choreographies of Mr. Josip Vinkešević and Mr. Ivan Možar. Mr. Nikola Novosel, Mr. Adam Pavić and Mr. Branko Šegović (dances of old Split) have arranged the music. (more)   From the other program of Representative ensemble are choreographies of very known and recognized choreographers: Ph.D. Ivan Ivančan (Songs and dances from Međimurje), Prof. Zvonimir Ljevaković (Dances of Prigorje, nearby Zagreb), Mr. Dobrivoje Passenger (Dances of Croatian Bunjevci), Mr. Branko Šegović (Wheel dancing of Vrlika), Ms. Snježana Missoni (Wheel dancing from Ražanac) ... (more)
        Living history
        In the Brod Fortress the representative ensample is very often animating characters from the history ... (more)
Slavonsko 2
Dances and songs
of Brod and Posavina
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dances and songs
Prigorje 1
Dances of Prigorje,
nearby Zagreb
Split 4
Dances and songs
from the town Split
Folklorni ansambl Broda/Folklore Ensemble of Brod
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