Folklore Ensemble of Brod
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Awards and success of Folklore ensemble of Brod
For its all-decide work and promotion of folk inheritance in the country and over the World, the Folklore ensemble of Brod has got line of awards that have been deposited in the "hall of awards" in headquarters of ensemble. About the success in Croatia and foreign tours exist many notes in local and other newspapers, diplomas and awards that will be incentive to the coming generations.
In the hall with awards, awards of the town Brod intercede a significant place. They have been awarded to the Folklore ensemble of Brod several times in connection with important anniversaries.
Priznanje 1
Award 1
Priznanje 2
Award 2
Priznanje 3
Award 3
Priznanje 4
Award 4
Priznanje 5
Award 5
Folklorni ansambl Broda/Folklore Ensemble of Brod
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