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More than half centuries of existence...
The Folklore ensemble of Brod (until 1990 year RKUD "Đuro Đaković") was founded in 1948. It is promoting, beside the folk inheritance of Slavonia regions, the folklore of all parts of Croatia. In the newer time, the program has been enriched with old-town's - of a saloon dances from the end of nineteenth and beginning of twentieth century, which have been danced in the town Slavonski Brod and further. The ensemble is recognizable by the stylish singing and original own national costumes of folk inheritance, which it presents. It gathers approximately 300 members placed by age in different folk groups and musical section (singing groups and tamburitza bands).
The ensemble participates at numerous appearances, reviews, festivals and tours in Croatia. It is the regular participant of the more significant international folk festivals in all parts over the World. Besides its regular activities the Folklore ensemble of Brod often appears as the organizer or as the co-organizer of numerous programs, certainly there is the most significant organization of the oldest review of folklore in Croatia, Review of folklore "Brodsko kolo" and co-organizing Carnival ceremonies and St. Catharine's Fair.
Choreographer of the Folklore ensemble of Brod: Ms. Snježana Missoni
Professional leaders:
Tamburitza bands: Mr. Nikola Novosel
Singing groups: Mr. Nikola Novosel
Folk groups:
- The children's ensemble: Ms. Sanja Prebeg and Ms. Mirjam Ćorluka
- The preparatory ensemble: Mr. Snježana Missoni
- The representative ensemble: Ms. Snježana Missoni and Ms. Katarina Bjelobrk - assistant
President of the Folklore ensemble of Brod: Mr. Josip Perčević
"Brodsko kolo" in June
Folklorni ansambl Broda/Folklore Ensemble of Brod
Radnički trg 5, HR-35000 Slavonski Brod, Croatia, Tel./fax: +385 35 445 801 Mob: +385 98 340 250
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