Folklore Ensemble of Brod
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Children's dancing folk-ensembles
Children's folk-ensembles gather children in two-generation groups. One is the Younger children's folk-ensemble with children from 5 to 7 year old, and the other is the Older folk-ensemble group with children from 8 to 12 year old. Program of the both ensembles is based on the tradition children's plays and customs of its homeland, dances, wheel dancing and songs, which are adapted to their ages.
Programs carry out without the musical escort, or beside the musical escort of traditional music instruments (samica, bagpipes, tamburizas…). Members this ensemble participates on the Review of child's folklore in Croatia, on the Yearly and Christmas concert of the Folklore ensemble of Brod, and in programs which they prepare for their parents. Regular trials these ensembles are holding out two times per week along the one hour..
The professional leader of the dancing ensemble is Ms. Sanja Prebeg.
Dječji 1
Older children's dancing
Dječji 2
Younger children's dancing folk-ensemble
Dječji 3
Younger children's dancing folk-ensemble
Dječji 4
Younger children's dancing folk-ensemble
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