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:::: Brodsko kolo (The wheel dancing of Brod) ::::
Review of folklore in Slavonski Brod
Among other things, Slavonski Brod is recognizable by its traditional manifestations, which attract the large number of visitors. The most significant manifestation is the oldest review of folklore in Croatia Brodsko kolo (The wheel dancing of Brod), which took place the first time in Slavonski Brod in 1963 year. This unique manifestation is known beyond Croatians borders. It promotes traditional cultural inheritance and original values of Brod and Posavina, Slavonia and Croatia in general. All these are realizing through appearances of numerous cultural clubs, folk and singing groups, and musicians on traditional instruments from Croatia and from abroad.
Slavonski Brod lives along with its manifestation during the Brodsko kolo, just like in olden days when during the first half of the 20th centuries on the main town square, of the Day of St. Stipan King - the 21st August. At this day a lot of people danced the great wheel dancing. Usually round about more hundreds luxuriously dressed up showily local girls and boys, as well as old and young people, dressed in gold, silk, national costumes...
Programs of the 50th Folklore review "Brodsko kolo"
11-01-2014 Sikirevci, 6:00 pm, 11th Review of Folk Plays
27-04-2014 Slavonski Brod, 6:00 pm, KKD "I. Brlić Mažuranić", 17th Review of Folk Singing Groups of Slavonia, Baranya and Syrmia "Alaj pjevam i pjevati znadem!"
01-06-2014 Slavonski Brod, 10:30 am, The Church of Our Lady of Prompt Help, St. Mass, Church benediction of "Brodsko kolo" and wheel dancing in the church yard

01-06-2014 Slavonski Brod, 5:00 pm, School-sport hall of Primary school "Antun Mihanović", Review of Children's Folklore "Igra kolo maleno!"
07-06-2014 Slavonski Brod, 7:00 pm, Fortress Brod, Review of Choreographed Folklore "To je zemlja Hrvatska!"
13-06-2014 Slavonski Brod, 8:00 pm, Fortress Brod, The opening ceremony of the 50th Folklore review "Brodsko kolo"
14-06-2014 Slavonski Brod, 7:00 pm, Fortress Brod, Folklore Evening
14-06-2014 Slavonski Brod, 10:00 am, farmyard of secondary agricultural school, Program of the Horse-breeding Association "Slavonija" from Slavonski Brod "Bijelo biserje Slavonije"
14-06-2014 Slavonski Brod, 4:30 pm, Fortress Brod, The 50th Review of Original Folklore of the County of Brod and Posavina "Šokadijo sve ti je na glasu!"
14-06-2014 Slavonski Brod, 8:00 pm, Fortress Brod, Show of Croatian Folk Costumes and Election of the Best Looking Croatian Girl in the Folklore Costume
22-06-2014 Srednji Lipovac, 6:00 pm, The Church of St. Joseph, The 17th Review of Church Follk Singing "Mass songs" (Christ the King, Heart of Jesus and Communion songs)
14-06-2014 Drežnik, 7:00 pm, The 19th County Review of Folklore Singing Groups "Kad zapjevam i malo zagudim!"
08-11-2014. Slavonski Brod, Radnički dom Presentation of the book from the serie Brodsko kolo and ceremonial session with presidents and heads of groups, participants of Brodsko kolo - on the occasion of the 50th Brodsko kolo
06-12-2014 Donji Andrijevci, 6:00 pm, The 16th Croatian Review of the Players of "tambura samica" (characteristic local stringed instrument) "Oj samice drvo javorovo, ko te sviro nikad ne bolovo!"

Slavonski Brod, January 2014
Program Committee of the 50th "Brodsko kolo"
Brodsko 1
Review of wedding teams
"White pearls of Slavonia"
Brodsko 2
Review of national plays
Brodsko 3
Show of Croatian folk costumes and election pf the best looking Croatian girl
Brodsko 4
Review of choreographed folklore "This is the country Croatia"
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